Monday, January 16, 2012



but i refuse to think of my shortcomings on this blog. it's a new year, baby!

i don't think i have any resolutions. i mean, i do, but i'm afraid that i'll just jinx them by making too big of a deal out of it. i'm really bad for that. i'll say one thing and go in the complete opposite direction. so i'm not going to place too much of an emphasis on the fact that it's 2012 and that i need to be making promises of self-improvement. i'm always in a state of improvement. or, at least, i always have intentions to improve. does that make sense? whatever, ON TO LESS BORING THINGS.

actually, one goal that i will mention is my intention to normalize my sleep schedule. it's becoming a problem. on a normal night i won't get to bed until about 4 AM and wake up at 11 AM. i need to get a better handle of this, and get into a healthy routine with my sleep. resolution or not, this is something that HAS to happen.

i've started school now. first week in. it's already feeling heavy, but i'm experiencing the well-known early semester feelings of excitement and dread. fellow students, HOLLA AT ME.

did i say on to less boring things? haha, i lied.

taken immediately after my appointment. SO MANY LASHES.

last friday i had an appointment for eyelash extensions. my friend is the manager of a salon/spa and she booked me in for a promotion they were having for mink lash extensions back in october. i kept having to postpone my appointment because of silly life commitments so i couldn't even reschedule until january. HAHA.

according to them, the process takes about two hours. i decided to go in for january as a kind of late christmas present to myself. i had been wanting to try eyelash extensions for the longest time. the reason they were so appealing to me was because i've had friends that had them before and i liked the length and definition of them. also, i'm too lazy to put on falsies everyday.

i went in for my appointment at noon and proceeded to lay on the table they had set up. she asked me what length of lashes i wanted. there were two different lengths. i chose the longer length. she told me that they would be very dramatic and that they would get in the way if i wore glasses. since i don't wear glasses regularly, but i still wear falsies semi-regularly [which is why am used to a 'dramatic' lash], i still opted for the longer ones.

the technician cleaned my eyelashes then applied a piece of tape to the underside of each of my eyes [to protect my lower lid/lashes].

right away she began to apply the extensions one by one. it felt weird. not painful or irritating, but just slightly uncomfortable. apparently people fall asleep during their appointments, but i couldn't because i was totally conscious of the weird sensation of her gluing the eyelash extensions on the whole time.

when she was finished, she asked me to open my eyes. it was difficult for me to do. i felt a stinging sensation each time i tried, and it hurt. it took me a while to actually will myself into opening my eyes. they were watering like crazy. the technician wiped up the area around my eyes. i think it was due to the type of glue they used. i don't know if this is a regular thing for those who have had eyelash extensions before, it did bother me for a bit. immediately i regretted getting them and i felt paranoid that the stinging sensation wouldn't go away.

it did eventually, though. but when i did see them for the first time, i loved them. they were so long and so lush. my only gripe is that it felt like the curl started so low. which i think is just how eyelash extensions look. i didn't know what i was expecting, but they just felt oddly-placed. i guess i'm just used to the tips of my lashes touching my eyebrows, LOL.


it's only been about a week since i've gotten my eyelash extensions. and although they're supposed to last about 3-4 weeks, i feel like mine are half gone. i did love them initially, but now i'm a bit disappointed in them. they are nice to have short-term, but they are difficult to maintain. also, i'm the laziest person in the world, so i probably could've taken better care of them but didn't. for example, i never bothered to comb them out when they were getting crooked, or use a heated lash curler on them. despite the fact that i am pretty careful with them.

uneven amount of lashes, weird curl formation and sparse areas. makes me sad, man.

also, showering or washing my face with them is a PAIN IN THE ASS. honestly, it's inevitable to have water drip down your face in the shower [even when not facing the stream] and not being able to wipe the water away or rub my eyes was THE WORST. i would end up trying to blink it away which would lead to more water getting in my eyes and after the end of every shower, i would have bloodshot eyes because i was unable to do anything about the water. it was so bad that my boyfriend asked me a couple of times if i was high. ugh.

also, i had the huge irritating issue of the end lashes twisting upon themselves. sometimes i'd get them pointing downward or in awkward angles and it was just so difficult to get them back in line with the other lashes. and many times, i would have some fall out [or get pulled out] when i would try to fix them.

an example of the lash twisting downward. ):

what i did like about them, was the fact that i didn't need to wear any makeup. i mainly didn't bother with makeup because it was difficult to remove when i did [plus, it restricted the types of makeups i could use.. such as cream eyeshadows or waterproof eyeliners/mascaras], but also because having the extensions created a thicker-looking upper lash line.. which in turn made it look sort of like i was wearing eyeliner [or it at least defined my eye a bit more]. these reasons, coupled with a new skincare regime i've been trying out [hopefully to be featured in a future post] have accounted for the fact that i have barely worn any makeup at all this month and will continue to for the rest of january. haha, no makeup january, it doesn't have the same ring as 'no-shave november' [movember], but it works.

so i guess i'm saying that the eyelash extensions are to thank for the break my skin is getting? HAHA, i have no idea.

my final verdict;

would i get them again? no.


of course, i say that now but will probably jump at the next promotion i see, depending on how much time has passed since then and if i forget how annoying they are to maintain. i say, if you're anal enough and can deal with all the little inconveniences that come with having eyelash extensions, by all means, GO FOR IT. as for me? i don't think they're my jam. i did like the look for a while, but i felt quite limited as to what i was able to do with my makeup, what products i could use, etc. i'll stick to my falsies. when i actually decide to wear them, that is.

to any remaining readers i may have; thanks for sticking with this blog. i know i'm terrible with the whole, regular updating thing, but i do appreciate anyone who checks this thing out. even if you're just passing through. thanks for visiting and to any followers, thanks for your support!

hopefully the next one will be up soon,

ciao babies!