Tuesday, May 10, 2011




Tuesday, May 3, 2011



i'm happy to say that things have definitely warmed up in this little city of mine.

as i type, the sun is shining with a bit of a cool breeze. but i am infinitely thankful for this weather and so happy to see that almost all the snow in my area has melted.

it was perfect timing for my anniversary, too!

my anniversary with horsie was last tuesday, the 26th. unfortunately, we didn't really get to celebrate the day of because i had a final exam the very next morning. D; eff you, school.

BUT! we did get to make up for it this past weekend.

for lunch, we went out for pho.
went to one of the hipster avenues for some shopping and toys. [where i got a pair of those glasses-that-are-purely-for-aesthetic-purposes-and-don't-aid-with-vision-correction-in-any-way-shape-or-form and a cute little ring. pony picked up a domo vinyl which i think will soon become a permanent fixture in his car.]

then for supper, we had sushi. LOL.

then we hit up the arcade and played a LOT of racing games, shooting games and skeeball. then experienced some fail purikura. took some camera phone photos instead. then rented harry potter 7 and went out AGAIN for bubble tea.

HAHA. it was a very fattening day.

my past week has been consumed with studying [lol, not really] and THE TUDORS.

oh. my. god. i am obsessed with this series. my coworker lent all four seasons to me on dvd a couple weeks back, but i wasn't able to watch them while school was happening. UNTIL NOW.

since i'm on break for finals, the last few nights i was staying up until impossible hours trying to finish all the episodes on the discs. it's unhealthy, but this is rare for me.

ANYWAYS, here's a suggestion; if you dig period dramas and don't mind slight departures from historical accuracy, i highly recommend you check this series out. also, everyone in this series is beautiful. it's like the casting team went out of their way to cast the prettiest people they could find. seriously.


the other day i went out with ling. AGAIN. hahaha. this has become somewhat of a weekly thing now. i don't even have the money for all these shopping trips, but we do it anyways.

we went out for bubble tea too, lololol.
i think the cafe owner is getting tired of seeing my face every other day.

some buys;

[because there's some otherworldly force that prevents me from going out and NOT coming home with one-or four-pairs of false lashes..]

one interesting thing to note about these lashes [style: elegant, 10$ at sephora] is that they're pretty similar to MAC #7 or ardell demi 102. the only real difference, i think is that they're a lot shorter. but oh well, it's a pretty good dupe, i think. i'd still go for the ardells, though. because those are like 6$ compared to sephora's 10$ version. WEW.

i also bought some clothes, but they aren't photographed. will do that soon.

so, today's guilty pleasure [in audio form] has been out for a while, but i've only just given this song a real listen probably like, an hour ago;

i can't believe how much i've been listening to this. haha.

that's the one thing about having a bff that's a few years younger than you. i've been exposed to facets of pop culture that i typically wouldn't even have given a second thought about. ling's given me a real ~teeny-bopper~ perspective on a lot of things, from shopping and trends, to movies and music.

and against my higher conscience, i find myself enjoying it. it's terrifying and refreshing at the same time. and DAMN, this makes me sound old.

and i know i'm the furthest thing from mature, so maybe i shouldn't even be saying anything!

..but you know, it might just be the fact that my birthday is coming up.
i didn't even realize it until i went on a trip to sephora and i got this;

[LOL, no.. not everything. just on the left; philosophy 'happy birthday beautiful' body wash/shower gel/shampoo. it's vanilla cake-scented!]


hahaha. i'm more anxious than anything. this year marks when i will be TWENTY-FREAKING-ONE YEARS OLD. a legit adult, and globally legal.

the last part sounds exciting, but everything else? NO, NOT SO MUCH.
being an adult, ew. in canada, i've technically been an adult for two years now, but it still grosses me out. responsibility and shit? NAH, MAN. i don't want to think about those things! i just want to blog about makeup all day.

but whatever. i won't be a real, living, breathing adult until next tuesday anyways! so i'll save all the anxiety for that day. maybe even get some celebrations in effect before then. might as well, since i haven't gotten together with my hombres in HOW LONG.

and speaking of hombres..
tonight lingsies is coming with me to sunsies' first spring league hockey game. YAY. i know he'll be happy to have an extra cheerleader for his team. :D

i'ma go pick her up so that we can fit in some pre-hockey shopping..!