Wednesday, December 15, 2010


it's almost been a month since my last blog entry.
but- in a sense, it was necessary. i apologize for NOTHING!

for those of you who are uni students [or students in general], HAS THE STRESS GOTTEN TO YOU YET?

i finished my fall semester on the ninth, but i've been consistently busy since then. i still have two more finals to go [out of three], but i'm actually.. okay. i'm good now.

i kinda lucked out this semester with only three finals [despite being in four courses] because one of the classes had a term project instead of an exam. plus, my hardest final was first. so now that's out of the way.. YAY.



christmas is coming up.

also, i'm broke. so hah, i wonder how that's gonna work out.

i went christmas shopping with my bakery bro again. :DDDD

..and just like our shifts together, it wasn't very productive. OH WELL.

oh, and i DID receive my curling iron a while ago. [two days after i posted that entry, in fact!] it is AWESOME, but i'll admit.. i haven't really gotten the hang of it yet.


i tried them right away on a section of my extensions:

YEAH!, maybe you're not impressed by i am. it literally took like, not even a minute to curl this section. yes, the hair is fine and NOT on my head, but i still think it was totally worth the money.

it's SUPER FAST and SUPER HOT and i really love how it comes with differently-sized attachments. definitely versatile.

i just need to get used to using it with the hair on my head. which, yes i've tried. and is a bit tricky. i'll post photos the next time i try, though!


if i don't catch you before the festivities,
merry christmas, happy hanukkah, happy kwanzaa and etc~