Sunday, February 28, 2010


i'm so excited i'm gonna puke!

Friday, February 26, 2010


yuh betta watch yo'self
my dog is hardcore.

i went shopping on wednesday. it was sweet.

i meant to look for an outfit because this weekend is my cousin's 18th birthday. it's gonna be at this club. i didn't even look at clothes that day.

i have no idea what i'm going to wear.
lol, neither does he.

sephora is my crutch. i will never not be able to spend less than fifty dollars there.

i got:
dry shampoo
face primer
two-pack sample size mascaras
black felt eyeliner
white pencil eyeliner
[free!] purple creme eyeshadow ..sample

even though i bought everything in smaller sizes, i still spent about a trillion dollars.

i'm so weak when it comes to makeup. i already have everything i need.. DAMMIT SEPHORA, WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?
lol, 'rub-out'.

BABY PRIMER. OMG, it smells like orangessss. or citrus-y at the very least. this was actually an impulse buy. you know how stores set up the little samples right by the cash register so you'll see them before you make your purchase? they work on me EVERY GODDAMN TIME.

ditto with these. but they were so cute, i couldn't even help myself.

YAY, EYELINER. the black is good, i like how it's longer.. more like a pen. and i really like how creamy the white liner is.

free eyeshadow from sephora! i swear to god, ever since the sephora opened up here, i've gotten at least 20 free gifts. which is like, two thousand bucks spent there. FFFFFFUUUU-

DOPE SHOES. i've been looking for something like these for a while [for that fateful day when i actually use the school rec center.. which is never], like.. puma style? these nike ones were on sale. AND THEY HAVE GRIP. awesome.

you know, if i actually saved all the money i've spent on makeup in my life, i would've probably been able to pay my way through school by now. ALL OF IT.

just got to school and i'm hella tired. OH HAY, I'M WEARING MY NEW MAKEUP TODAY.

i've also just realized that i have a tendency to take photos at school in the most decrepit areas. my school is actually nicer than this, i promise.

in other news,
i haven't seen my boyfriend in five days. OMG, IT IS AN ETERNITY.
i miss my leng jai. ):


YAY MEN'S HOCKEY [so looking forward to finals, omg].


Friday, February 12, 2010


PHOTOS! i look like an alien in this one. and my jacket is pilling. EHHH.
oh well. i worked yesterday and this was how i did my face. weird angle, but yeah. those are the pink box lashes i got off ebay, i really like them. but my mom said this make was a bit too much for work. i'd have to agree, especially since i work in a freaking office. it's pretty overkill, the eyes are too heavy... so i ended up leaving my hair straight to balance it. chu kno how it is.

my bangs are getting long again. i'm starting to push them to the side, which just looks really awkward and ugly because they're blunt cut. time to go in for a trim.

i took this photo in the washroom, hahaha. i work in a children's hospital, so everything is bambini-compatible. look at the soap dispenser:
SOAPY SOAP. really, how creative. i think he looks like a ghost.

i can't wait until i get paid. none of this money will go to me, but whatever. moreso towards my phone bill and credit card bill and blahblahblah.. but once those things are all paid, i can feel easy and shop without guilt again. LOL. and of course, that's the most important thing. it's also really nice to be getting back to two paychecks instead of one. the bakery is a fun job, but the hospital pays twice as much, you know?
[and doesn't make me as fat.]

i am thoroughly obsessed with skins. this is getting to be very unhealthy.

and yeah, i think i have to get myself some olympics mittens. i really want a mascot toy. of the sasquatch! lol @ delayed patriotism.

so yeah! valentine's day AND chinese new year. i'm pretty excited, both are very relevant to me. but my parents want to go out of town on sunday. i mean, this is cool and all. yay family, but MONDAY is the family day holiday [is this just a canadian thing?]. why can't we delay the bonding until then? i know i sound selfish, but i was really looking forward to spending time with my boyfriend. and getting red pockets. LOL.

whatever, though! missing it won't be so bad. i mean, both my boyfriend and i are broke anyways. so really, what can we do?

[wait, what's this you say? you can have fun for FREE? PSHHHH.]

okay, dammit. that was a whole lot of nothing.
and i have eight minutes to get to class.


Friday, February 5, 2010


and so begins my temporary ban from the internet and all things distracting.

except not really.

things are getting pretty serious around here. srsly srs.

my last purchase for the week:
an effing stethoscope.


ps: midterms suck, guys.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


UGH. i don't know why, but now i have a mad urge to get another piercing. a medusa piercing. this is lame. it's happening again. the whole piercing obsession is starting up for me AGAIN.

i only have three piercings currently, and two of those are on my ear.

i went through many piercing-wanting phases and only recently began acting on them. mainly because i'm really cheap, but also because of the pain factor and my parents and just, overall uncertainty [i guess i mean with like, committment or something].

but now it's hit me all over again and it kills me because for this one is just not feasible. what i mean is that.. well, it's totally possible, but it is not going to work for me in my life.


currently, i have both my ears pierced [i count these as one] and my daith [inner ear cartilage]. and in december, i got my nape pierced.

now i want a medusa piercing, which is a stud on the cupid's bow, like a reverse labret or something. here's a photo [from the official fanlisting]:
'official fanlisting
man, i forgot fanlistings existed.

i also want an eyebrow piercing, but like the medusa, this won't work either.

facial piercings won't work for me because of school and practicum and my future career. besides the ears, piercings just won't work in this field, if i had any, i wouldn't be able to keep them.

even just my nape piercing needs to constantly be hidden. hair down all the time because i really, really don't want any of my instructors to catch a glimpse of it and tell me i can't have it.

ugh, this is heartbreaking. if i had the choice, i'd just have these two more piercings [and maybe a few more ear holes, but that's a non-issue]. i don't have a strong desire to be needled all over, it's not one of those phases to me. it's just this thing; i never really get crazy about anything, but when i do, i will commit to it. in this case, i would, i so would.. but i can't. it really sucks.

these are the last piercings i want and i can't have them. BALLS BALLS BALLS.

but at least for the medusa, there is a solution. it's kind of lame, but i could get a magnetic stud. there is really no other choice, i'll just settle for this. to be honest, i have to.SIGH

i don't know.
it doesn't seem that bad, but it's kind of lame.
at least i can experiment with it. that'll be kind of cool.

maybe i'm just upset because there are all these new rules that i've never even thought of. and rules mean professionalism and professionalism goes with growing up.

and i don't want to grow up. ever.

sigh, i don't know.

i just made myself really, really sad.