Tuesday, January 14, 2014

HELLO & HAPPY 2014!!

hi to anyone who still checks this!

i obviously realllllly suck at blogging, but i don't want to lose touch with anyone here!
[although i guess i kind of already have....]

if you have a tumblr, get at me!
i've decided to use a tumblr, mostly due to the prompting of suyin [yam] and partially because of the format of tumblr.

i feel that blogspot is more for ~real~ bloggers. people who actually post real life entries, reviews, tutorials, hauls.. and i just think i'm more suited to the PHOTO SPAM side of things.

i might use this blog again in the future, so i don't want to take it down. but i'll definitely be more active on the other side!

so! if you have a tumblr, get at me!
i'll be looking for you all and doing some follows in the next few days, weeks, months..

say hi!

S U P A P O P S !


  1. Hola bby! I still read but I can't blog worth of shit anymore. Maybe tumblr has a future for me lol the fuck! I'll check up on you though D:

    1. LANABAEEE, i lab yu!
      and no worries, it kinda seems like EVERYONE fell off the wagon. hard.
      honestly.. blogging takes a LOT of effort. and right now, i ain't about that life! ~_~
      tumblr isn't too different, but i can post a lot of photos without explanation and not feel bad. LOL.

      and hey! if you get REALLY lazy, you can just sync your insta account to it. HAHA.