Friday, July 13, 2012



these past few months have been such a whirlwind, i feel like it's only now that i've had time to breathe. i don't even know where to start.

last update was march? yeeesh, we have some catching up to do..

my boyfriend and i have been together for four years. [april 26, 2008!] his present to me was a new addition to the family; a precious baby turtle who i fell in love with at the pet store the day i saw him. a box turtle whom i have named pinkerton. [a weezer tribute, BUT OF COURSE.]

he is a sweet little thing who lounges in a tank at the foot of my bed and likes to stick his tongue out at me. he's grown a bit from these photos, he's got a more boxy shape now..

i'm 22 now. [may 10.]

and i lost the most important thing in my life.
this little boy right here:

my beautiful fluffy baby, zoysite. he was fifteen when he passed. a little king in his own right, i loved him more than anything i've ever loved. my favourite.

it's still hard. i still miss him and he's always on my mind. i know it was his time, but there's an emptiness that i can't really shake. although it has gotten easier with time, i just miss him. so. much.

this boy, i can't even explain. he was so, so loved. he had birthday parties, full cakes, presents for every holiday, he has photos in frames all over the house. who even develops photos anymore? we did for him.

it's been almost two months since i had to say goodbye to him. i didn't think i would cry when i wrote this but the waterworks are in full force.

sometimes i wonder why people even bother with pets. it is seriously the most heartbreaking thing in the world to lose a pet. but when i remember how much love i had in my heart for zoysite and all of the memories that we have of him, i can't regret it. he had a fulfilling life and he brought so much into my life.


since my spring classes ended, i've been working a lot. saving money for my SUMMER VACATION. hawaii part 2 happens TOMORROW and besides oahu [where we went last year], we're going to the big island too. i leave in less than fifteen hours, ahhhhh.. where does the time go?

i've been going to hot yoga to prepare myself for the heat. haha. i do NOT perspire gracefully, unfortunately.

to prepare for my trip, i've packed the following essentials. [photos coming!]

ten thousand rompers.
brown leather belts.
bathing suit cover-ups.
various sandals/wedges.
colourful patterned bras.
panties galore.

i need to finish packing.. it's about 3 AM now. oops.


  1. hey! i remember janis mentioning you were coming to hawaii! when do you arrive? anyway i just HAD to comment you after reading just this post because you remind me of myself! i had a pet chick (yeah i had a chicken living with me! haha) which i named pinkerton too! i LOVE weezer :) good choice in a name! and then also, i pretty much cried reading about your zoysite :( i'm sorry to hear about that but it sounds like he had a great life with you. i have 2 dogs of my own and it always breaks my heart to know that they not only get older every year, they get 7 years older >< and i always try to prepare myself for when the time comes :(

    sorry this comment pretty much became a blog post to you. but anyway, it's nice to meet you!! maybe i can meet you if you hang out with janis while you're here!

    1. hi juvy! thanks for the comment! (:

      A PET CHICKEN. that is seriously the coolest. how did you keep it? was it an 'outside chicken'? LOL.

      thank you for your condolences. zoy was a total king. i miss him so much.
      oh man, doggie love is like nothing else in this world. the bonds people have with their pets is really something. as long as you love your dogs with all you've got, then you'll know you're giving them the best life.
      what kind of dogs do you have?

      i actually just landed in kona last night! it is loooovely, but i think i've already gotten a bit sunburnt. D:

      no way, really? i actually don't know janis personally , but i would definitely take you up on that offer. if you guys are interested in meeting an awkward canadian girl, then i'm down! [the fact that you love weezer has already convinced me that we could be total bros. HAHA.]

      i'll be hitting up oahu this thursday. let me know! (: