Thursday, March 1, 2012


makeup from yesterday. i've been wearing my bangs out of my face recently [mainly to show off these BITCHIN' earrings] and despite my ridiculous five-finger forehead, i'm kinda liking it!

ignore my fat face and take a closer look!

i am IN LOVE with these earrings. they are totally body mod-style barbell but SUPERSIZED and i don't even need an usual piercing location to wear them, HAHA. they are by rachel roy.

i think i'm going to go back and pick up the gold ones, they are just too cool.
even cooler, is that to you wear them BACKWARDS. so, you would insert them into your piercing hole with the rod going in from behind, then placing the stud in the front.

i definitely couldn't pull off the earrings with my fringe down, though. also, i NEVER wear dangly earrings. but when i saw these babies, i realized that if i left the store without them, i would regret it forever. hanging earrings, i think we may have a future together!

[please don't mind the star. i was censoring a zit.]

products i used:

these are the products i typically use on a regular day.

BB cream from daiso. i think the name on the tube says the brand is 'natural finish: born korea'. LOL.
i've never tried a bb cream before this. i know of skin79, missha, skinfood & etc, but i just never knew where to find them. i was wary of purchasing bb creams online because i didn't know what colour i would need. so when i saw this at daiso and decided to give it a try, it was $2 so i figured it couldn't hurt.

so i bought this in vancouver in the summer and i wasn't able to use it unti november because i was so tan from hawaii. HAHA. i love it, though. it's less viscous than other face products i'm used to and i feels a lot lighter. because of this, i think i'm breaking up with foundation. i need to go back to van and get more!

BENEFIT erase paste in MEDIUM
holy grail of concealers RIGHT HERE. a product that can fake 20 hours of sleep? seriously, this is magic. straight up.

MAC powder blush in MELBA [better photo here]
i have been using this colour of blush since i was thirteen years old. my mom took me to my first ever mac consultation and this was the blush the make up artist picked out for me. since then, this has been my number one purchase from mac. it my favourite mac product, hands down.

REVLON super lustrous lipstick in 001 NUDE ATTITUDE
i am totally boners out for this revlon lipstick. i picked it up on a whim when shopper's drug mart was having a sale. it was 3$! i've been looking for a good nude lip colour for a while [since i freaking LOST my viva glam gaga 2, UGH] and this colour is just amazing, especially paired with the sephora gloss [i got the gloss in a multi-pack that my mom got me for christmas, haha]. i wonder if they have full sizes..

the eyebrow pencil in 'lingering' [obviously]. it's darker than i'm used to, i'm not even exactly sure why i bought it. i have way too many eyebrow products for my own good. oh well, it was fun to try out.

besides the lashes and the brow pencil, i don't stray too far from this routine. when i want to take it further, i'll usually contour [MAC powder blush in 'blunt'] and highlight [mineralize skin finish in 'soft and gentle']. i did use a little bit of these on my face, but since the photo was taken at night, it was probably faded by that point.

when i finished my face, i couldn't get over how bitchy i looked. HAHA. i wish i had more photos, but it was definitely an interesting look for me. i didn't realize how different a shorter, more winged set of falsies, coupled with eyebrow pencil/powder could change my look so much. i haven't bleached my brows in a while, so the stronger brow really changed up my face a bit. plus the earrings.

i felt that i looked more.. mature? i don't know? maybe it's just me.

anyways, here are some gets from today! i went to the mall before school and i found more earrings, HAHA.
i got these guys at the bay. looks like the curved-insert-backwards-in-your-ear/quasi-plug style is gonna be an earring trend [unless it already is?]. i'm totally down with this.

i was gonna write more, but i'll save it. i spent too much time gushing about my earrings. haha, wow.

my lame boyfriend left for vancouver last night. ):
i miss him already. but oh well, he'll only be gone for a week.

HEY WAIT, maybe i can ask him to get me that bb cream from daiso..


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    1. haha, i felt that way too. my fringe is my security blanket, for sure. but i'm hoping my earrings will distract from the hugeness of my forehead. D;

      thanks! do you think you'll ever pierce your ears?

      the 'falsies flare' mascara is okay. to be honest, i don't really have a preference because i wear lashes anyways, but it can get clumpy. :/

      thanks for reading!

  2. The products seems nice! : D Nice makeup!

    1. thank you!
      i don't think i'd be able to live without these products! HAHA.
      they are definitely my essentials.

  3. I think I'm going to try this "Benefit erase paste", I'm lacking so much sleep olol
    I heard the BB cream from Erborian was... incredible. :o

    1. ooh! i've never heard of this brand before.
      i don't know if i'd be able to find it but it sounds amazing.

      actually, i just found a new bb cream brand [canadian one, haha]!
      i'm going write a post on it soon!

      THE ERASE PASTE IS MAGICAL. i usually wear it over the MAC 'fast response eye cream'.
      it really makes a difference for me. *u*

  4. That Revlon lipstick looks nice <3 <3
    Thanks for following, reply the love back :*

    1. the lipstick is my new favourite!
      and i think it'd be flattering for just about any skintone.
      if you can find it where you are, i recommend it.

      you're welcome!

  5. Replies
    1. ahh, thank you!
      i wasn't sure about this look, but i'm glad someone likes it!

  6. ahhhhhhhhh the lipstick color is so pretty
    AND EARRINGS (●・ω・●)!

    1. you should try it!

  7. Ahh, the earings look awesome!! :D
    and thanks for the advice, i think i'm going to check out snob! :)

    1. thanks!
      you're welcome, i hope it works out for you!

  8. Hey, just letting you know I tagged you in a "questions about me" post - have fun with it! :)

    1. this is SO belated, but thanks bexie! (:
      i'll definitely get to it in the next one.. if that ever happens. HAHA.

    youre 22.
    and. erase paste <3 best discovery of high school ever, except now im too yellow for it.

    I MISS YOU. hit me up if you come to the states again or i will be SAD. esp. vegas and hawaii. traitor... -sobs- Q_Q jk i love you


      oh yam, you have no idea how happy this made me. TEARS OF JOY, DOWN MY FACE.
      THANK YOU, BBY. where have you been?

      IMU2. and yes, definitely. we were in talks to do it this year. WHO KNOWS?
      we have much to discuss. LOVE. ♥

      god. IDK i was trying to be on twatter more but you wouldnt repryyy!
      but yeah. IUNO IVE BEEN HERE. and your butt doesnt use msn anymore APPURRRENTLY
      so idk i might get back into blogging. you know, hella ameblo gal lazy type blogging about my zits etc so you will love me again TEARS OF HUNGRY I HAVENT EATEN BREAKFAST YET

      i need to just get international texting and spam

      -revives twitter/email/still always on msn-
      and then i rope my bf into coming along, oh yez


  10. Haaahahah yeees I have some issues with my baby cheeks too ! Looks like asian are so lucky to have cheeks that make them look like babies...

    1. LOL. YES.
      whenever i'm in crisis about aging [as i am right now], i just remember that my face looks like a puffy eight year-old's and then i feel.. better? maybe. 8D