Friday, April 8, 2011




man. what a month march has been.

march was also TIM HORTONS 'ROLL UP THE RIM' month. it's basically this contest where you roll up the lip of the cup [after you're done drinking it, of course] and underneath is printed with either a prize [coffee, snacks, tvs, cars] or a PLAY AGAIN/REESAYEZ SI VOUS PLAIT. i won 3 coffees and two doughnuts this year. YAY.

i'm excited for this month, though. april should be sweet.
hopefully this means springtime and lovelyness and no more parkas.

also, this april will mark the three years for suns and i! april 26th, girlfriend!

in other news, i lost my cellphone memory card and now my vanity is in the hands of some stranger. this is very embarrassing. i have a LOT of camwhore pictures on it and knowing someone can look at all my fail posing is making me very anxious and SAD. BAWWWWW.

i do have these, though:

[from that girls night i was talking about in the last entry. holy SHIT, that was a long time ago..]

HOLY EFFING LOL. look at how insane those bastards are. wtf, thank god i have a straight fringe.

bathroom camwhoring at work.


i went to the mall and this was the moshpit i came across the day the ipad2 was released. SMH.

doing the shops with my favourite 17-year old! LING, I LOVE YOU.
[you can ignore the stumps i call my legs. OH! btw, i actually DID get my hair coloured, if you can tell. in this photo, it's faded but YAY PANELS.]

fotoboufe with lingsies!

viva glam gaga 2. i can't use this alone without looking all corpse-y.

march vanity haul!
haven't used any of it yet. maybe tonight!

AHAHAHA. I LITERALLY *JUST* FOUND THESE UNDER MY BED. WTF. i really need to write down the things i buy so i don't forget about them when they go missing.

this was taken on the way to my irish bff's 21st birthday celebrations. see the snow? yeah, that shit won't leave.

moe life story time:

wednesday was a shitty day!

i was driving to tim hortons [LOL] on my way to school and i sped up to switch lanes and get in front of this car so i could make the turn.
i didn't have enough time to slow my vehicle until this policeman comes out of nowhere and walks into the middle of the street and motions for me to pull over.

after that i got slapped with a 124$ speeding ticket and an additional 172$ ticket for 'failure to produce insurance'. i think what he meant was my registration because i didn't have my updated card in my car [which, yes- is completely my fault. UGH, SO STUPID. I HAVE IT IN A CARD CARRIER IN MY ROOM!]. and after that, i was late for class. D;

when i got out of class, i ran to my car to find a parking ticket on my windshield! i was fifteen minutes behind my ticket expiration time. FML.
another 40$ right there.

and the shitty thing is, that day i was going to hit up the shops to find an anniversary present for my boyfriend. hnnnnngggghhhhh.

i know how annoying i must sound right now. like i'm not taking responsibility for things which were seriously my fault. but i feel like a lot of this was kind of a wrong place/wrong time situation. it was just frustrating too, because there was so much going on that day/this week that it just feels like EVERYTHINGATONCE. you know what i mean?

i will pay all of my tickets. i am a good person, i swear. i have a month to do it, but i hope i will be able to do this before the last minute. i've paid my parking ticket already, so now i just have 296 bones to go... orz

ps; i can't stop listening to THIS..



  1. yei another nice blog to follow! :)
    your make up looks pretty ^^

  2. Glad to see you are still alive. lol I'm CRAZY addicted to that song as well. Went through a phase where I literally listened to it on constant loop for like, a week.

  3. yeah, i'm kickin' and shit!

    oh man, this song. that's me too.
    when i'm not actively listening to it, it's actually on loop in my brain.

  4. omg you DID color it.
    oh bby you look so good.
    the gray touch up on mine is just annoying...
    momoemmo. there is also snow still way down here, but not so bad. nothing sticks. it's like, may, wtfrr. T_T YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL AND I MISS YOU.
    ;;; if i do happen to go on a wild exploration of the north -sei
    i will letchu know. since, yanno, the road trip thing fell apart on spring break LOL SCHOOL LOL WUT

  5. i DID. AND IT WAS GLORIOUS. *was*
    but now it's so faded + roots, dryness, etcetcetc.
    bad news, man. also, i'm too broke to fix it, so fml.

    no more snow, girl! but it is HELLA windy.
    idk where that shit came from, but it upsets me greatly. especially when i put effort into my hairstyle for that day. fuuuu-

    AND PLEASE DO! i can take you out for macarons and sexy cocktails or whatevs. ACTUALLY- eyelash shopping, LOL.