Wednesday, October 20, 2010



[this photo is from bro time on friday! it was awesome. also, apricot beer! WTF.]

i'm on my six-hour break at school and instead of doing something super important like studying, i like to take the unproductive route and uh, not study.

i don't mind, though. it's a perfect excuse to post.
this poor blog has suffered enough neglect as it is.

i feel so crappy right now. i'm sick. D;
i've been sick for like, four days now. i must've gone through 38763498726973 tissues today.

on the first day it was really shitty. i had a terrible sore throat and every time i coughed, i wanted to cry. it was so bad.

now i've got a full out cold and i've been blowing my dripping nose like crazy. i'm in the library right now too.
i can only imagine how pissed off the people working around me are. i'm sneezing and sniffling like a mother.

also, currently rocking a kleenex lodged in my right nostril. like a BAWSS.

from earlier, non-sick days.

october has gone by REALLY fast for me. it's already the twentieth!
and holy shit, halloween is just around the corner and i don't even have plans.
WAIT, i don't even have a COSTUME.

been throwing out some ideas, but nothing concrete just yet.


this past weekend was awesome.
FRIDAY; i went out for a girl's night with my very best broskies.
we went to one of the pubs downtown and tried being canadian [and MANLY] by taking on their international beer menu.

haha, we took this before bro #4 showed up. obviously already buzzed.

it was pretty cool 'cause this bar has like, eighty different beers from around the world. we tried a lot of different ones; beers from austria, china, italy, annnd the netherlands. they actually weren't too bad.

and we're the furthest thing from beer connoisseurs, but we did find out our preferences.
in the end, though, we got a bit girly and opted for some domestic ciders. and man, we tried apricot beer. THAT, was excellent.

BFFS SINCE FOREVER. man, this was good times. [it also shows how different out styles are, LOL. I DID SAY i didn't have any gal friends!]

after our pub adventures we decided to hit up the club. no photos from that part of our night, but it was AMAZING. I LOVE DANCING. as soon as i got there, i was on the dance floor. man, it was the best. i dance like an idiot. 8D

SATURDAY; roadtrip with my ponyboy!
no photos 'caused i was fugged out that day. ):

it was a LOT of fun! a totally perfect day. *u*
we spent the day doing normal date things like glow-in-the-dark mini golf, hitting up the arcades, photo-boothing, LOTS OF EATING and swimming! although, now that i think about it, the swimming might've been what got me sick.

this also marks the first time i've ever been swimming with my manboy!
..bikini-anxiety is to blame for that, but WHATEVER. it was really fun and totally worth it. we went on like 8734829363 waterslides and i almost drowned. A+++++

edmonton: biggest mall in canada. look it up.

on sunday; ehhh, back to reality. worked at the bakery.
then school, school, school.. and now i'm here!

OMG, you know what i haven't posted in a while?

actually, now that i think about it, i haven't been out shopping much lately. hmm.

so earlier this month, i went on a mini-rampage of karmaloop's sale section;

[small image because edited it - IN PAINT - without realizing i suck at absolutely everything]

i also bought a dress, but i forgot to photograph it. derp.

i have an open book midterm to study for [LOLWUT], so i'ma leave you with these quasi-makeup/camwhore shots [PLZ DON'T FULLSCREEN THESE THX];

chipmunk cheeks & unlined upper waterline..FML.

happy wednesday, bbys!


  1. Your pictures are all so cute, you're always smiley in them XD Seems like you've been busy! Hopefully you get well soon!

    Btw, are you wearing contacts/lenses? Your eye color is so nice!

  2. aw, you are very sweet!
    i'm only so smiley because i can't really close my mouth. LOL. 8D

    and yes! i'm doing my best to get rid of this cold. i need to get on top of my flu shots.. D;

    i don't wear contacts, actually. haha.
    but thank you very much!

    thank you for reading! ♥

  3. Love your blog. :) Your lashes look so fabulous! follow me back at

  4. I enjoy your make-up on this post!!!