Wednesday, October 6, 2010


an outfit photo of sorts.. haha.
i don't usually do this, so it's weird for me to post. this was from friday.

[been camwhoring, though! LOTS of makeup photos to be posted!]

sup, six-hour break between classes.

holy october! when did that shit happen?
halloween this month, YAY. i don't know what my plans are, but i hope i find somewhere to go/something to do. i kinda wasted halloween last year. :x

things have been okay lately. not too eventful, actually.

but today mother-in-law [LOL] & co. [boyfriend's step dad, aunt, uncle, grandma and gradmpa] left for china! for a month! now it's up to us to house/dogsit. it's gonna be an adventure.

on friday, my pony got more of his tattoo coloured!

[had to do some wonky cropping because of the awkward crotch angle.. LOL.]
i wish i took a photo of the result! i totally forgot.
it looks amazing, though!


so i NEVER listen to k-pop because, honestly, i can't stand it.
[okay, only exception to this is SUPER JUNIOR because my friend SOMEHOW got me into them. DON'T JUDGE ME.]
but i saw this linked off of mariel martin's [bomb choreographer] facebook page.
it's 2NE1's latest video, she directed the choreography for their single 'clap your hands'. so curious, i checked it out.

[BTW, this has nothing to do with anything.]

i watched this for the choreography first, and it's really cute. but oh man, i have to say the song is freaking catchy. i've never really heard anything by 2NE1 before. i have to say, i'm digging this single. and man, check these girls' attitudes. SHIET.

the blonde chick TOTALLY reminds me of chilly from TLC. look at that swag, goddamn.

to try and make this more relevant to gyaru...
their eye makeup is actually a really nice look for gal as well. more specifically so in the first segment. especially on the brunette [?] and red-headed girls.

and if you're into b-gal and that scene, i think you could grab some inspiration from the outfits this video. obviously, it does stray a bit from the look [hello floor-touching crotch harem pants], but remember this is korean entertainment.

...and THAT, ladies and [maybe] gentlemen, was my attempt at injecting actual substance into this blog.

~i wanna rock your body, i wanna make some noise~


  1. OH MAH GOAWGD. SOUPS. MY BABY. YOU GROWED UP. im too busy staring at your pretty pictures to look at your words, give me a minute. my eyes are like, melted and adhered to the screen.

    I MISS YOU. <3

    college things, life bitching, things that will never get done, grumbles, etc


  2. OMG, YAMS.
    IMU2 BBY! ♥

    why are we never synchronized on the msns? we must organize a schedule.
    i need yam time and i need it now.

    college things & life bitching usually go hand-in-hand for me. eff this ess.

    msn time soon, we will bitch together.