Saturday, April 17, 2010


thursday was my last day of classes, YAYYY.
but i still have two weeks of finals. BOOOO.
and then after that, spring courses. eff you, school.

it's cool, though. on thursday the student association hosted a last class party/concert. which was awesome, i went with my bffl4eaeaeaz. how they managed to turn our food court into a live music venue, i don't know. but WTF, it was awesome.

unfortunately, i'm a dummy and left my camera in my locker that day.

the band that played was pree dope. i've seen them live twice before and have a load of shit signed by them from wayyy back. so it was really sweet to catch them again. IN MY OWN SCHOOL. i have no idea how they set that up, but YEAH~

the show in itself was awesome. because i'm shorter than most, i was able to weave my way through the crowd and get to the front. bitches were trying to get in front of me. but NO WAY, MAN. i'm experienced with this. 99.9% of the time, i will be at the barrier in a standing show. and i will never give it up. NO EXCEPTIONS.

because of this, i now sport this delicious bruise:
i also got my $6 charlotte russe cardigan jacked up. whoever took it, i hope you realize that NO, that did not belong to any members of the band[s]. i was just hot and put it on the stage with the intention to pick it up when the show ended. fool. ps: that sweater is missing two buttons. JOKEZ ON U!

so yeah.

you know what weekends mean?

this actually happened LAST weekend.. but since i did jackshit all day,

last week, I GOT A BED. YAYYYY. [it's called 'beddinge'.] more of a futon, but whatever. IT TURNS INTO A COUCH.

having a bed after not having a bed since august is the greatest thing in the world.
having a room after sleeping in the basement for like, seven months IS THE BEST.

so now that i'm back to my room, what can be a better activity than FURNITURE SHOPPING? nothing. NOTHING.
also, camwhoring.

man, i love ikea. i get so motivated when i go there. like, i get all these ideas about how i want to decorate my room and arrange everything. then i picture how much more productive i would be in my imagined workspace. i always feel good when i go to ikea.

desk want.

hime mirror! i had to resist the urge to drop the nineteen dollars on this. i already have a full length mirror in my room. one can only be so vain.

my main issue with my room is that it doesn't have a lot of space for all the things i need and have, so i usually look at products that are more.. um, space effective. which is why i ended up picking out a couch bed instead of a normal bed.

this is the poor man's alba rosa coat. ~*ghettofabulous*~


lol, 'cocosball'.

PRINCESS CAKE! i actually bought these.

so um, yeah. ♥ ikea.


tomorrow i have to work at one. i'm thinking that i might try to hit up the mall before that. my boyfriend's and my [i never got the conventions of double posessions] two-year anniversary is coming uppppp.. and i still wanna get some additions to his gift.

he's currently in vancouver, vacationing it up. because he is a lucky bastard.
ugh, i miss him. but at least this gives me time to shop solo and no need to have to make up excuses at the mall or whatever.

..oh, and the opportunity to study without distraction. because school is so obviously my number one priority right now.

i should sleep.

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