Friday, February 12, 2010


PHOTOS! i look like an alien in this one. and my jacket is pilling. EHHH.
oh well. i worked yesterday and this was how i did my face. weird angle, but yeah. those are the pink box lashes i got off ebay, i really like them. but my mom said this make was a bit too much for work. i'd have to agree, especially since i work in a freaking office. it's pretty overkill, the eyes are too heavy... so i ended up leaving my hair straight to balance it. chu kno how it is.

my bangs are getting long again. i'm starting to push them to the side, which just looks really awkward and ugly because they're blunt cut. time to go in for a trim.

i took this photo in the washroom, hahaha. i work in a children's hospital, so everything is bambini-compatible. look at the soap dispenser:
SOAPY SOAP. really, how creative. i think he looks like a ghost.

i can't wait until i get paid. none of this money will go to me, but whatever. moreso towards my phone bill and credit card bill and blahblahblah.. but once those things are all paid, i can feel easy and shop without guilt again. LOL. and of course, that's the most important thing. it's also really nice to be getting back to two paychecks instead of one. the bakery is a fun job, but the hospital pays twice as much, you know?
[and doesn't make me as fat.]

i am thoroughly obsessed with skins. this is getting to be very unhealthy.

and yeah, i think i have to get myself some olympics mittens. i really want a mascot toy. of the sasquatch! lol @ delayed patriotism.

so yeah! valentine's day AND chinese new year. i'm pretty excited, both are very relevant to me. but my parents want to go out of town on sunday. i mean, this is cool and all. yay family, but MONDAY is the family day holiday [is this just a canadian thing?]. why can't we delay the bonding until then? i know i sound selfish, but i was really looking forward to spending time with my boyfriend. and getting red pockets. LOL.

whatever, though! missing it won't be so bad. i mean, both my boyfriend and i are broke anyways. so really, what can we do?

[wait, what's this you say? you can have fun for FREE? PSHHHH.]

okay, dammit. that was a whole lot of nothing.
and i have eight minutes to get to class.



  1. FUCK

    I love that fucking yeti thing FUCK.
    I want one of those orange hats. I HATE ORANGE.

    i want the cute weird shit D= except i will not wear it if its orange. DO YOU KNOW. IF. (lol i keep reading it as 'niga' instead of 'miga') DO YOU KNOW. if there are cute yeti hats that dont come in sucky orange?!?!

    if so, i definitely don't need something awesome to lust over, but i probably deserve it. DO. DO YOU KNWO.WKJGHWKJGH

  2. correction, naiga. the sasquatch makes me think of the taiga. :x