Monday, January 25, 2010


RIGHT NOW, i am sitting in the school cafeteria with my cousin.
we're taking up a whole three tables with our crap spread out all over the place. there are seven chairs, but we're only using two. suck it.

he's telling me retarded customer stories from forever 21.
makes me so glad i don't work in retail.

none of this is important information. but it's CURRENT.

IN OTHER NEWS, I HAVE A NEW BLOGFRIEND: SUYIN. whom i am half weirded out, half intrigued.

i think we are internet soulmates.
i also think that i absolutely fail when it comes to not being creepy.

just realized how i don't know anything about you. other than the fact that we are two asians[?] who want to look like asians who want to look white. what.

but HOORAY. someone to talk to about hair and makeup and nails and nago cir fails, OMG DO YOU REALIZE THIS IS LIKE A DREAM COME TRUUUUEEE~

immediately after ripping into one of the bags, i regretted it.
these chips are sour and disgusting. they're too RED. i prefer lays.

i moved to the drama wing, now sitting on the floor.
my ass is getting numb. dammit, i have to get to nutrition class now.

PS; i am jealous. i want your fluffy green wig. it looks so PLUSH.
PPS; a comparison to magibon is the ultimate insult. you should shank them.
PPPS; i can't comment on your entries. ARE YOU AWARE OF THIS INCONVENIENCE? i think you should attend to this problem immediately. or maybe it's just me? I DUNNO.

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  1. SCHWHAT YOU CANT COMMENT? holy crap. okay. let me fix let me fix. I WILL FIX IT LIKE A NEUTERING OF A CAT.